Get Involved / Help Save Our Care

Already millions of people are uniting in order to protect the Affordable Care Act. The protests we’ve seen have been so inspiring. We hope that our book, Jesus Loves Obamacare and Other Liberal Causes, can be useful for people who are looking for scriptures to bolster their faith and their political beliefs. But this means nothing if you don’t let your representative know that you’re going to vote for candidates who strengthen the ACA.

Please call your Congressman and your senator to let them know that you support reforming and strengthening the Affordable Care Act – not repealing it.

Please contact your governors to tell them to stand for the increased Medicaid provisions. You can find this information here:

While Jesus Loves Obamacare can be a great resource, you don’t have to read it to get involved. This book is about lifting our voices to make a difference. So whether people buy our book, is secondary. Please consider using the phrase "Jesus Loves Obamacare," particularly on social media. You can make a difference by using this phrase in your everyday conversations. This phrase changes the narrative around the ACA and its potential repeal. Just as Republicans use phrases like the “death tax” to get poorer people to endorse yet more tax cuts for the super rich, Democrats need to start using powerful messaging from the Bible to change hearts and minds.

"Jesus Loves Obamacare" transforms the debate. Suddenly, if asked whether "Jesus loves Obamacare" Republicans will be instantly on the defensive, and they will have to prove that Jesus wouldn’t approve of universal health care. Opposing collective efforts to provide universal health care flies in the face of the theology of every established Christian denomination, except for some American churches. Let them try to prove that it is somehow "Christlike" to take away health care from people with preexisting conditions. There are no Bible verses to support this assertion. And we’ve done the research.

Using Scripture, we can find common ground with our fellow Christians across the aisle. We can’t expect them to magically change their minds. We have to meet them on their turf, and show how our common faith should compel us to protect the most Christian piece of legislation passed in the past 30 or 40 years (yes, that statement is controversial, but it is true).

The Bible is a great resource for ancient wisdom, even if you don't interpret it literally. It is political malpractice for progressives not to use it in making their case, and they’ll never reclaim election victories in "red states" unless they get comfortable using the Bible to promote their policies. So for now, whether you endorse the book or are personally religious, it’s key to get it into the lexicon of Middle America if we want to save the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. Let’s improve it, not replace it. So whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, please help us get this trending:

#Jesus Loves Obamacare!

If you have purchased the book, we greatly appreciate it. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to write a brief review on Amazon or iTunes.