Jesus Loves Obamacare
and Other Liberal Causes

Jesus Loves Obamacare

And Other Liberal Causes

By : Barbara Young with Stuart Young

Read the new amazing Bible-based book designed to help progressives better defend their policies and find common ground with evangelical conservatives.

What does the Bible say about Obamacare? Is there scriptural support for universal health care?

Using over 200 little-known scriptures, this book proves that the Bible encourages caring for marginalized groups a national, collective responsibility, not merely a matter for private charity or churches. Using Matthew 25 as a foundation, Barbara Young has teamed up with her son Stuart—both of whom are attorneys—in order to show that both Old and New Testament support their claims that government should play a role in providing and reforming health care, immigration, welfare, and prisons.

Jesus Loves Obamacare and Other Liberal Causes is a must-read for progressives who want to learn to speak the language of the Bible in order to find common ground with evangelical Christians and help them resist the influence of social Darwinism, which has long dominated Republican social and economic policies. Many evangelicals have supported Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare, despite the fact that is saving lives, because they mistakenly believe that the Bible opposes governments’ following Jesus’ commands and that only small government is biblical.

This book shatters that myth. Through use of Scripture and analysis of public policy, the authors demonstrate how Republicans have hijacked American faith in politics and how their actual economic philosophy comes from atheist thinkers like Ayn Rand rather than from the Good Book. National Democrats have been far too hesitant to use the Bible as a source for building support for progressive policy goals, ceding much of this ground only to the right wing. But if progressives and their political representatives would learn key scriptures, they’d see that much of the Bible reads like a Bernie Sanders manifesto.

Making the case for these policies biblically may be far more effective than merely trying to play political one-upmanship. Both sides remain entrenched due to non-stop talking points on cable news. Appealing to a new level of discourse through faith may be the only way to reach people with stark political differences.

This book is also a great resource for people of faith who are looking to persuade their representatives away from repealing Obamacare—or even to debate relatives at family gatherings where discussing politics can become divisive.

Updated To Include A Chapter on Donald Trump

The book has been updated to include a chapter on Government in the Age of Donald Trump. The authors compare Trump’s words and deeds to Bible-based moral laws in order to find insight into how the 45th president might govern.